Puttin‘ it BLUNTly, James, you’ve never been, say, cool, you know.
But this is simply hilarious:

this shape was brilliant,
this shape was pure,
I saw three angles,
of that I’m sure.
And I saw three pointed corners,
and then I saw three straight sides.
The top was very narrow,
and the base was oh so wide.
(from: The Triangle by James Blunt)

Hey, pedagogues of Sesame Street, rhyming „true“ with „hypotenuse“ might be a little dolorous, and, as somebody else once put it:
„We don’t need no education.“
But this is so silly, I had to laugh. Well done.

For those of you, who’d rather go for a more sophisticated kind of humour: have a second look at the afore-mentioned Flight of the Conchords. This time with a spoof of early-seventies Bowie. Well, maybe not that sophisticated, given the number of times the word „nipples“ appears in that video… Anyway, set your phasers on funky and check the LSD-Screen!

This was written in English, just to put you in the mood.
Spätestens nächstes Jahr schreibe ich Ihnen solche Texte auf Spanisch. Versprochen! (Nein.)

P.S.: Ach ja, die Überschrift. Siiseymsdried wäre jedefalls nicht ganz korrekt.